Smart Specialisation Strategy

Nemoris was established by Silvia Parenti and Anna Elisabetta Ziri, experts in software development with more than fifteen years' experience in the field. It operates in IT production and services, offering applications to freelancers, semantic storage of documents and managerial mobile applications.

Products and services offered

Ilexis: automatic archiving and practices management software for law firms. Ilexis processes and automatically archives the salient information of a document, without the inclusion of additional data from the user. Significantly reduces filing and research time. Achieves this by use of semantic keys that allow you to surf the archive with different parameters, selecting content categories (e.g. pertinent authorities, customers, personal data, professional assessments, timeframes and deadlines, etc.)

Nexus: the library that underpins Ilexis and allows users to find and process information quickly. It was developed independently and can be customised for any type of text document. An example of how Nexus can be specialised for a specific domain is the JobWhite portal (, which brings together employment opportunities with candidates and companies.

Other information

Nemoris' target market consists of: law firms of any size, companies with extensive internal document management and for third parties; digital publishing companies specialising in products for the legal sector; companies operating in archive replacement; consulting and data centres for freelance studies.

As all sectors turn to smartphones and laptops, digital archives - also remote digital archives - become increasingly necessary. 




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