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MecMurphil s.r.l. was founded in 2012. Within its structure is another innovative startup Murphil, which has the necessary scientific know-how for research and development in the field of ionizing radiation.

The founding members of Murphil graduated in Physics at the University of Ferrara with a focus on Nuclear Medicine applications. Both also obtained PhDs in Radioisotopic Techniques and Nuclear Medicine at the University of Ferrara.

After their PhDs, which saw them involved in the creation of advanced tools for research applications in nuclear medicine, they became the majority shareholders of an academic spin-off which made over a million Euros in its first three years. This experience gave them the grounding in industry they needed.

There are two more members of the working team who have proven industry experience, participating actively and personally in the promotion and commercial management of the company. It is also worth mentioning the contribution of an internationally renowned radiochemist.

What MecMurphil s.r.l. does is to conceive, design, produce, sell and service systems related to the manipulation of radioactive substances (cell handling) and to the measurement of environmental and personal ionising radiation (monitoring systems) in nuclear medicine where radioactive drugs are handled for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

MecMurphil offers a complete catalogue of equipment and accessories for Nuclear Medicine. From cell handling, the operational heart of any Nuclear Medicine laboratory, to a complete catalogue of products used in medicine or science to protect human beings from ionising radiation.

The main strengths of the business are:

  • a light structure with reduced fixed costs affecting the finished product
  • a highly interdisciplinary group with complementary skills
  • a complete knowledge of the products within the company
  • research and development and internal quality controls
  • knowledge of the target market
  • innovative solutions for the protection of the working environment
  • great flexibility in terms of customised products
  • strong predisposition to the foreign market

MecMurphil has numerous product distribution contracts with four prestigious foreign companies, allowing MecMurphil to complete its product package (radionuclide generators, synthesis modules, quality control instruments, radiation detectors).

MecMurphil is represented by agents and distributors in Italy and in most of Europe; it is also present in the USA, the Middle East and Malaysia. The target market is niche but international and as long as the level of innovation is consistent, it is still possible to get very high margins. Amongst its customers, MecMurphil counts the globally renowned IAEA in Vienna.


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