Archon Dronistics

Smart Specialisation Strategy
Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies

Archon Dronistics is an innovative startup founded in Modena that presents itself as a company that can automate repetitive tasks, sometimes dangerous for humas, such as for examples video surveillance, ispections and monitoring critical infrastructures.

Archon works with AI systems to control safety in industrial environments, monitoring movements and risk for people and machinery, creating a trustworthy digital twin in real time. The objective is to create a robotic environment and eliminate risks for humans.

The product they developed, SophyAI, is an AI platform designed to automate saftey in industrial contexts (like big plants or building sites) and connect workers to prevent emergency situations. The platform can also be integrated with sensors, cameras and robots (drones and rovers), to perform surveillance activities without human intervention.

The team is placed between Italy, USA and Latin America, and it has skills and experiences in applied maths, physics, AI, engineering, augmented reality and business development.

Awards & Grants: Spinner, Start-up Chile, EmiliaRomagnaStartUp, Horizon 2020.




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