INLab srl

INLab srl is a certified incubator created by the Piacenza Cooperative Inacqua, which together with experienced managers and professionals, has decided to offer entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs a place to create and bring together development and employment projects.

INLab is a wide-reaching incubator that interacts with businesses and individuals, offering consultation services and strategies, as well as physical space, equipment, training and an address, available financial resources permitting.

The incubator is:

  • a tool for selecting and validating new ideas, business models and entrepreneurial skills
  • a payment and planning tool to assist new startups or anyone with a business idea
  • a community of people and ideas that coexist in a stimulating environment where people in different fields share the same philosophy
  • an environment devoted to the incubation and assistance of social startups

The services provided include: feasibility studies, marketing and business planning, support with the development of services and technology, intellectual property management, financing and contributions.