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DocFaber offers online food processing services and a virtual diet coaching service for weight loss and well-being. The DocFaber platform is primarily intended for users, businesses and dietitian nutritionists.

DocFaber is a native cloud application that runs on the internet and without installation on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux hardware.

Thanks to its responsive graphic design, it is also easy to use on smartphones and tablets with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone operating systems.
DocFaber's shopping list management allows the user to achieve economical savings and reduce food waste.

Customised coaching also encourages people to change bad habits. DocFaber allows the user to plan their own dietary style and improve their daily diet. It's also a tool allowing companies to support awareness-raising campaigns geared towards healthy lifestyles, promoted in industry and company canteens.

The DocFaber method is based on the Mediterranean diet and includes foods and recipes that are typical of Emilia Romagna. The algorithm allows you to propose typical local seasonal products and produces a shopping list subdivided into separate food areas. DocFaber is not just an application to encourage weight loss and nutritional balance; it's also a piece of software for nutritionists, who can use it to track and support their patients, even remotely.



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