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DCUP s.r.l. began life as a technology company promoting the musicreleaser.it portal, the first music industry application on the DCUP marketing model, currently being patented in the United States.

The model provides a marketing mechanism (based on the theory of the game) in which digital content (e.g. a video, a song, an article) can be made totally accessible only after a threshold, set by the content author, is reached. Users interested in the content can help in several ways:

  • by spreading word of the game on social networks (e.g. sharing, liking or tweeting the page)
  • with loyalty towards the owner of the content (i.e. becoming followers or fans, signing up for newsletters, joining sites and forums, etc.)
  • economically (e.g. by purchasing other works by the author)

The results of the model boast great advantages in terms of:

  • heavy engagement with target market
  • increased host page traffic
  • virality of content

Analysis of the model was supported by Spinner. DCUP is currently incubated within AlmaCube in Bologna and its commercial goal is to extend the model, making it universally respected in the application industry.




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