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Wellness & Wireless will provide services to people in the field of health and well-being, using ICT technologies as the primary means of interaction with the customer.

The first service, already available, is Yukendu (www.yukendu.it), an innovative personal and mobile coaching service aimed at weight loss and well-being for people who want to change their lifestyles in terms of diet, physical activity and stress management.

The service is available online and via an app. Each customer is assigned a coaching professional who will follow an approach developed together by W&W, the Psychology of Communication Research Study Centre at the University of Milan and Professor Alessandro Pratelli. The customer has access to the coach's diary and can book appointments when desired by phone or Skype. Coach and client can also exchange messages at any time online or via the app.

The initial focus is on the Italian market, but the goal of W&W is to roll out the business model to other European countries.

The partners and creators of the project are engineers Maurizio Binello and Paolo Gambini who, between 2002 and 2012, worked together respectively as Chief Technical Officer and Chief Marketing Officer in Tinet s.p.a., a telecommunications services operator, specialising in international transport of wholesale internet traffic. Binello and Gambini helped create Tinet s.p.a. as a startup within the Tiscali Group in 2002 and helped it become the fifth largest operator in international web traffic in the world. In 2009, they both participated in the management buy-out of Tinet s.p.a., along with private equity fund BS Investimenti s.r.l. Tinet Spa was then sold again to a US company in 2010.

W&W won the Emilia Romagna Innovative Startup award for 2012. 



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