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AsterAvia manages and carries out research and development in systems and technologies in the aeronautics and space industry, and in the industrial and manufacturing sector, using several patents in these fields.

AsterAvia's main product is an innovative device that supports the general aviation pilot during instrument navigation and landing flight phases (based on the radio navigation systems of the aircraft), particularly in low-visibility conditions. The device in question aims to visualise the guidance indications derived from the radio navigation systems directly on the aircraft windshield. It does this by means of a quick and effective system of intuitive graphics via a Head-Up Display (HUD) device.

The main advantage of HUD solutions is that the pilot does not have to look away from the windshield at a crucial moment, thus reducing risk of ground crash.

Ultimately, this product has the advantage in the collaborative function of its approach system, its display mode (frontal, maintaining an external lookout) and in its innovative, intuitive graphics.



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