Mayp Digital s.r.l.

Mayp Digital S.R.L. is a start-up operating in Cesena since 2018.

Its goal is to create an ecosystem of intelligent computer systems developed entirely by technologies than can innovate the world of digital communication through alternative tools to classic channels (such as Facebook, Google, etc.) .This can considerably reduce costs in huge advertising investments while guaranteeing the same results in terms of customer conversion and visibility.

To this day Mayp Digital has several products on the market such as:

  • Moover (a system that works on "Instagram")
  • MLoop (Email Marketing Software)
  • Mophy (multimedia service focused specifically on advertising).

These last ones represent part of the Suite that Mayp Digital wants to realise in the near future.

Over time, analyzing the market, we realized that Facebook was losing users and everyone was moving to the well-known Social Network called "Instagram".
The main problem, however, is that it is very difficult for everyone to be noticed and known, given that the algorithms work towards rewarding those who value the community. Once we noticed this, we realized that we could solve the problem by developing an artificial intelligence that recognizes the changes of Instagram by interacting in a completely personalized way with specific users who have certain interests and behaviors.




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