Smart Specialisation Strategy
Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies

Mygrants is the first app based on micro-learning designed especially to deliver support to immigrants through a series of thematic module quizzes.

The quiz provides trainees with all information and training needed to build wider consciousness, new skills and renewed credibility. The abilities and competencies screening process is fundamental in order to identify skills that immigrants may have acquired formally and/or informally in their ‘previous’ life. The training program - always based on micro-learning - uses the power of technology, making lifelong learning available for free to all immigrants, while adaptive learning gives us the opportunity to personalize training for each immigrant, by adapting their training program according to their strengths, weaknesses and interests.

Immigrants can choose among 3 main destinations: higher education, job placement, entrepreneurship. Data mining and machine learning give us the opportunity to track if - and when - trainees achieve, starting as beginners, a competent, proficient or expert level of mastery in one or more concepts, modules or topics. Mygrants’ unique value is the huge database of skills and competences from over 67000 immigrants daily updated and geolocalized, where skills are empowered and validated according to local, regional and national market shortages.