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The high technological potential of graphene and its unique properties were the inspiration behind Gnext.

The production method of our patented graphene keeps costs low and results in a high quality product dispersed in aqueous solution without the use of toxic agents. Gnext also develops film and conductive inks and additives for polymer composites. 

GNext is aimed at companies operating in the field of packaging, flexible electronics, conductive inks and polymer composite materials, as well as companies that want to increase the technical characteristics of their product by adding our graphene.

Conductive Film

GNext uses exclusive technology to apply nanometric coatings to a wide range of substrates. Our process is very simple, easy to industrialise and to apply to existing technologies.
The transparency and conductivity of the final product depend on the thickness of the graphene coating applied: the thickness can vary from ten nanometers to tens of microns. The conductivity of the film can be modulated according to customer requirements and the final application, ranging from a matter of ohms to megaohms, depending on the order. Consequently, the transparency of the conductive film can also be modulated as required.
Graphene coatings are very resistant both in terms of bending strength and abrasion resistance. The electrical performance of our films remains unchanged even after being subject to 50,000 bending cycles. Moreover, such films are scratchproof (tested by ASTM D3363/00) with a resistance of 2H-3H.

Flexible electronics

Graphene ink technology for the manufacture of electronic devices is hugely versatile. GNext ink can be printed using a common commercial printer as with other printing technologies, such as rotogravure. It can be printed on a wide range of substrates, including biopolymers such as PLA, and achieving a volume resistivity below 4 ohm/sq/mil.



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