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Bidtotrip offers luxury travel experiences at a price that the customer decides. One site user paid just €42.35 to stay in a 4-star boutique hotel in the centre of Barcelona. This is only possible thanks to Bidtotrip's innovative business model.

The user signs up for free at and buys a credit package, creating a virtual Bidtotrip wallet that can be used to participate in auctions. After choosing a location, the user pays an enrolment fee that ranges from €2 to €5. Once a minimum number of users is reached, the auction begins at 0, and everyone is able to bid. It is also possible to see what other participants are bidding. The highest bidder when time runs out wins the auction. All credits used, except enrolment fees, are returned to unsuccessful bidders.

The founding members of Bidtotrip are: Sara Brunelli, Augusto Grandi and Chiara Fusaroli.

Sara, 33, from Cesena, is a master businesswoman with over ten years' experience in the family firm. Over the years, she has covered roles in marketing and sales.

Augusto, 35, from Rimini, graduated in Jurisprudence at Bologna University and can be described as an unconventional lawyer and a lover of business.

Chiara, 33, from Cesena, an IT engineer and Information Sciences graduate who is the technical heart of Bidtotrip.

The startup has received two lots of funding from angel investors in Forlì.




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