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Biomeco has two founders and is concerned with environmental innovation. Its aim is to improve the quality of daily life with innovative (patented) completely organic products that respect the environment, do not pollute, completely eliminate odours and sanitise waste containers.

Biomeco has a strong and dynamic team that works closely with other cutting-edge companies in the field of Environmental Ecology. In various collaborations with companies in the field of waste disposal, they have performed tests and trials to find the actual effectiveness of the product, finding significant savings in terms of cost and time spent on waste container management.

Biomeco produces two unique patented products:

  1. Deotrash: a device that is placed inside any waste container. When the lid is closed, the device sprays a product that eliminates rather then merely covering the molecules that create bad smells. Deotrash simultaneously sanitises the bin, with the result that it may then be washed and emptied less frequently. This organic product is made up of salt minerals, non-pathogenic microorganisms, biodegradable surfactants and perfuming agents. Tests have shown that use of this patented Deotrash product results in a drastic reduction of the concentration of pathogenic micro-organisms normally present in waste (escherichia coli, intestinal enterococci, staphylococcus pathogens, mould and yeasts, etc.)
  2. Cloud Water: a hand-washer and dryer that cuts down on water by 95%.



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