Città Digitale

Application Sector
Smart Specialisation Strategy
Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies

Città Digitale works with the technology of interactive displays for relaying information and advertising in towns and cities.

With capacitive technology in position behind the glass, displays become touchscreen accessible.

Città Digitale's business is divided into two segments:

Information and advertising chain division: in April 2013 a national network of local chains of interactive displays (Info-Points) was created. These displays are placed on busy streets in major cities to provide citizens and tourists with information on events, local historical landmarks, relevant services and promotions, etc. They are divided into 64 categories (e.g. Eating, Shopping) and available in six languages, with geolocation and contact forms. The application allows for remote insertion and management of content. Which means that any user (both institutions and commercial advertisers) can upload content to any display and then edit their own posts in total autonomy. The ads contain video, photo galleries, lyrics, promotions, maps and spot rotation, as well as generating QR codes that lead to websites and social media.

Retail division: sales (or operating lease) of customised interactive solutions, from single displays to vertical networks, including special projects and customised information channels.




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