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DressCoders is a young company entirely run by women that specializes in fashion wearable technology.

The team consists of two members: Alessandra Perlino and Serena Taglioli.

The company was born with the desire to unite the world of fashion with the world of coding and thus create innovation in the clothing and interior design sector.

Our product is 4.0 embroidery, rigorously handmade with luminous threads. Embroidery 4.0 has different uses: in haute couture, in interior design (where we use fiber optic threads) and in the customization of promotional garments or accessories (where we enhance logos and designs for individuals and companies).

Together with high fashion we have created a streetwear clothing brand with bright embroidery: NLNM "Nothing Less Nothing More". This brand offers a wide catalog of t-shirts and sweatshirts with fully hand-embroidered motivational writings with luminous threads (available in e-commerce since October 2019: nlnm.shop).

Over time we have increased our services and products: we have introduced the DressCoders garment rental formula on the website and we collaborate with companies to create or personalize fair or event sets of clothing, where it is very important to design its own logo or payoff (always with our embroidery technique).

To request a custom or tailored garment, please fill out the form on our website (dresscoders.it/it/code-your-dress) or contact us directly via email at info@dresscoders.it.




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