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Guardian is an innovative start-up that designs, develops, industrializes, and produces advanced IoT digital platforms specialized in environmental monitoring. These are used for the protection, safety, and safeguarding of people and infrastructures, with detection and early warning systems for earthquakes, environmental and natural disasters, and domestic accidents.

The proprietary Guardian solutions are implemented by government bodies and agencies, and local administrations for real time monitoring of critical contexts, integrating communication and energy saving technologies for the purpose of damage minimization.

Guardian develop and realize their own innovative digital technology systems (hardware and software), including:

  • SismAlarm 5.0. The first social IoT system, entirely designed, developed, and produced in Italy. It shares alert data in real-time and is dedicated to safety and hazard avoidance.
  • Guardian I-Fire. Thermographic camera data are processed by a program that generates 3-D mathematical models according to the temperature levels detected. The system integrates complex Computer Vision algorithms with self-powered infrared image acquisition instruments capable of wireless communication. This product is used to prevent forest fires and/or in industrial plants.
  • SENTINEL ONBOARD. This system is Guardian's proprietary artificial intelligence that uses sensors to trace movements and flows of passengers on means of mass transport. The process is conducted anonymously without the faces of the passengers being recognizable and so compliant with current privacy regulations. It ensures public safety and helps prevent harmful acts against individuals like theft or threats of any type.
  • Guardian Landslides. This platform provides real-time monitoring of environmental risks, ensuring early information and alerts for hydrogeological risks, using specific meteorological sensors.
  • Guardian Archeo provides monitoring for infrastructure stability, inclination and acceleration, subsurface and subsidence, erosion and cavity formation, with constant parameter and weather monitoring.
  • Guardian Wireless Digital Landfill is a platform for monitoring, controlling, and alerting risk management procedures for fires in anaerobic contexts, to prevent environmental accidents in rubbish dumps.
  • Guardian in Building is a platform designed for monitoring and controlling environmental parameters inside buildings. The main aim is to protect historical-environmental heritage by monitoring important locations classified as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The system also protects any individuals present, providing a multifunction platform for security and public safety in general.
  • Guardian Air/Agriculture. This system monitors environmental health and safety parameters both for pollution limit alerts and for monitoring any processes harmful to public health.



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