La tata robotica

Smart Specialisation Strategy
Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies

La Tata Robotica is a supporter of STEAM education, which seeks bring children and young people closer to science and engineering.

The didactic philosophy of La Tata Robitca is "learning by doing" and its laboratories are designed to promote dexterity, creativity and the art of recycling.

La Tata Robotica offers activities for children with a new way of seeing technology and learning, characterised by the involvement of participants in innovative technical-cum-creative activities.

Founder Enrica Amplo graduated in Mechatronics Engineering and specialises in the Design of Child Products and Services at the Polytechnic University of Milan. She has developed a solid cross-sectional approach, a combination of technique, education and play that she's been bringing to laboratory and training activities with important international partners for more than a year. 


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