Fondazione REI

Incubator certified by the Mise, Innovation Centre and Industrial Research Laboratory of the Regional High Tech Network (HTN). The REI Foundation was created by the main local authorities, namely the City Council, the Chamber of Commerce, STU Reggiane and Iren Renewables.

The main objectives:

  • to support companies in developing innovative products and processes through equipment and highly specialised skills
  • to help new businesses to define their business model and solidify their enterprise concept
  • to facilitate the merger between the worlds of business and research, promoting in turn the growth of the culture of innovation
  • to identify sources of funding for the development of innovative projects

Tools used to achieve these objectives:

  • networking with companies, universities, HTN Network Laboratories, other institutions and entities
  • the organisation of technical panels
  • the organisation of events for the communication and dissemination of research results and themes of interest for the development of local entrepreneurship
  • the identification of specialised equipment and skills
  • the search for strategic partners