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THPC offers innovative, energy efficient, High Performance Computing, GreenTech solutions, with the dual objective of creating high-value solutions for the Supercomputing sector and of marketing one or more products developed from our research activities.
Elements that characterize innovation

The innovative features of the project are drastic reduction in energy consumption, noise elimination and the use of a green-tech cooling system that is environmentally friendly.

THPC, High Performance Computing, is a Cluster prototype built with a high efficiency energy system, which makes it possible to consume less power and calculate faster. The project is part of the search for innovative and eco-compatible solutions (GreenTech) for cooling server systems and Data Centres.

What differentiates this solution from other ones already on the market is the change in the immersion cooling system, which collects the heat produced by the central processor (CPU), graphics processor (GPU and APU), mathematical processors (FPGA), memory ( RAM) and power supplies in order to start the process of recovering excess thermal energy. The processors are completely immersed in a vegetable dielectric fluid developed by Ser Tec S.r.l. with optimal thermal conductivity performance, minimizing environmental impact. In addition, the fluid is not harmful to humans by either contact or ingestion. The key words of the business idea that was presented are efficiency and eco-friendly.
The system is a closed-cycle one, that is, it is self sustaining within a certain range of temperatures without requiring accessory equipment for maintaining the temperature needed for the proper functioning of the hardware. Only in the case of exceeding certain limits and/or of overclocking, a small (non-invasive) adjustment is required to speed up the cooling process. These factors make it possible to drastically reduce energy consumption for cooling and therefore total energy consumption. In terms of usability it is a practical and safe solution that delivers very high performance.




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