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dQube Ltd, in collaboration with 14spm, launched  dQube 3Dentistry Store & Share, born from an heterogeneous team composed by engineers, dental technicians, dentists, graduates in economics (marketing) and Legal experts.

Dedicated to the dental market, which is rapidly expanding, such digital service allows dentists to adopt a new method of communication with their patients.
Store & Share is an online software, uses the Amazon Web Services architecture and ensures total security and data protection, in compliance with privacy rules. Information can be accessed only by professional members.

Each registered medical service holds an unlimited storage and cataloging images in 2D (x-rays, intraoral) and 3D, as digital scans. Ad hoc tools allow  to comment on the images (both photos and 3D files type STL) for each step of the treatment of the patient in question.

Data can be shared through the software  with other doctors and technicians. Each of them can interact and share its professional know-how in order to complete those clinical situations in which a doctor requires specifical advice from its colleagues.

Doctors can, in a very transparent way, involve patients, enabling them to monitor their case by accessing the portal through unique code and identification (CF). The patient is allowed to see on the web the information related to its case, and may, at the end of treatment, give a customer evaluation feedback on the service that integrates the medical report.





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