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Nanolever produces customizing force transducers for automatic machines and packaging, applications for the wind tunnel, scientific equipments and integrated devices for induction cookers for intelligent domotics.

The company invented a new system to measure the force sensor-based capacitive or inductive, measuring elastic deformations with nanometric accuracy.
It is a significant step forward in the technology of the load cells because they overcome the problem of hysteresis and thermal drift.
Furthermore, the electronic device that run the measure is integrated inside the cell itself and occupies a volume of 1 cm3 and that exits from the sensor with a digital signal, avoiding in this way any electromagnetic disturbances.
Our force transducers can be made with MEMS technology and, therefore, we can realize transducers micrometric which can measure forces of the order of a few tens of picoN.
The transducers Nanolver, first in the world, have a system of compensation of the vibrations induced from outside the cell.

Nanolever has two types of transducers, one inductive and the other capacitive. Capacitive technology is employed to take measurements of high accuracy and with resolutions that can get to have divisions up to 20 million parts of full scale. The capacitive sensor is able to measure deformations inferior to the nanometer and is not subject to hysteresis and temperature drifts.
The capacitive transducer "Elastic Capacitive Device" (ECD) is able to perform measurements of force, with lower noise and higher precision compared with the competitors.
The Elastic Inductive Device are less precise in measuring and are used to perform measurements in environments where temperatures can be as high as 500 C°
Both types of transducers are still in a prototype phase.



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