EmiliaRomagnaStartUp is an initiative powered by ART-ER - Attractiveness Research Territory, the Emilia-Romagna Joint Stock Consortium that has the purpose of fostering the region’s sustainable growth by developing innovationknowledgeattractiveness and internationalisation of the regional system.

ART-ER promotes the regional innovation ecosystem through:

  • research-enterprise collaboration,
  • development of tools and structures for industrial research
  • valorisation of human capital.

EmiliaRomagnaStartUp is the main regional initiative for startups and future entrepreneurs. The community brings together innovative startups and  business support organisations (public and private: Incubators, Innovation Centers and Chambers of Commerce); its services range from support on classical topics related to innovative entrepreneurship to specialised consulting, business development, internationalisation and support for fundraising.

Further services to accompany new entrepreneurs on their development path are:

  • the incubation program at Le Serre di ART-ER (ART-ER Greenhouse);
  • finance tools, such as FINANCER and KICK-ER
  • mobility programs, such as the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs
  • networking initiatives
  • EU projects

Since 2015 ART-ER has a desk in San Francisco and promotes the Silicon Valley Mindset Program, a mobility program for Emilia-Romagna start-ups willing to participate in acceleration paths in Silicon Valley. 



ART-ER - CNR Bologna Research Area
Via Gobetti,101 - 40129 Bologna, Italy
email: info@aster.it   Tel +39 051 6398099

Le Serre di ART-ER
via Castiglione, 136 - first floor - 40136, Bologna
email: leserredeigiardini@aster.it   info@emiliaromagnastartup.it


  • Cv sara monesi

    Sara Monesi
    Sara Monesi
    High Competencies and Startup Unit Manager

    With a degree in Electronic Engineering obtained with honours, and a master's degree in telecommunications industry, she has worked in the software industry and telecommunications for about 10 years in large companies as Honeywell, Telecom Italy and NoemaLife. She’s the Manager of the High Competencies and StartUp Unit in ASTER supporting entrepreneurs to be and newly established companies. From 2004 to 2013, she has directed for ASTER two incubator programs funded by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, which have supported over 100 innovative startups.  In her role of manager of the High Competencies and StartUp Unit, she’s coordinating various national and international programs in favour of startups and is the Incubator manager of Le Serre di ASTER.

  • Cv Lucie Sanchez

    Lucie Sanchez ASTER
    Lucie Sanchez
    Project Manager

    After a Degree in economics and a Master’s degree in Business management both obtained at University Montpellier, Lucie has worked in the packaging industry in the UK and for several organizations dealing with economic development in Italy before joining ASTER in 2002. Lucie has since then developed many activities to support the development of start-ups: incubation programmes, acceleration programmes, organization of large events and she has designed and managed many EU projects in the startup up support sector. Since 2012, she is the coordinator of entrepreneurship activities developed within Climate-KIC in such as Climate-KIC Startup Accelerator Italy and ClimateLaunchpad. Since 2008, she has also developed a competence and passion for Cultural and Creative Industries.

  • Cv Silvia Falciasecca

    Silvia Falciasecca
    Silvia Falciasecca
    EmiliaRomagnaStarUp Manager

    After graduating with honours in Ancient History, Silvia was herself part of a startup developing its own business ideas, where she became passionate about business creation. 
    Since 2008, she has been part of Aster's Startup Unit, coordinating training, team-building and strategic consulting activities for startups involved in business incubation and within European business creation projects.
    Since 2011, she has coordinated the creation and development of new EmiliaRomagnaStartUp activities. She is also involved with the scouting of business ideas, the relationship with the startup Network, and organisation and communication at trade shows and events.
    Since 2016 she’s part of the team that coordinates Climate-KIC Startup Accelerator Italy and Le Serre di ASTER.
    Since 2018 she is in charge of the organization of the Start Cup Emilia-Romagna, the regional business idea competition.

  • Cv Ledi Halilaj

    Ledi Halilaj ASTER
    Ledi Halilaj
    Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs & InfoDesk Manager

    Ledi joined Aster's Startup Department in 2004, working on business incubation and coordinating training and strategic consulting activities. She is manager of the European exchange program, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, of which ASTER is a partner and Intermediary Organisation. 

  • Cv Irene Mingozzi

    Irene Mingozzi ASTER
    Irene Mingozzi
    Communication & Networking

    She graduated with honours in Public and Social Communication at the University of Bologna with a thesis based on startups. After working for a year in a startup, she joined ASTER's Startup Department in 2010, taking care of startup relations, strategic consulting, special projects within EmiliaRomagnaStartUp, online and offline communication. Since 2015 she’s based in San Francisco (USA) in charge of the activities of Emilia-Romagna in Silicon Valley on the internationalization of Italian startups in Silicon Valley.

  • Cv Sveva Ruggiero

    Sveva Ruggiero ASTER
    Sveva Ruggiero
    Project Manager

    Master degree  in Political Sciences and  International Relations, she is in charge of (EU) projects planning and management. Her main fields of activity are: startup support, Lifelong Learning actions, Cultural and Creative Industries, Regional policies for entrepreneurship development. She is in charge of the organization of the Start Cup, the regional business idea competition.