Cowo CNA Parma

The spaces are just outside the historic centre of Parma, situated within buildings of institutional importance.

The co-working space is currently around 30-35 square metres, with three workstations, a communal table and chairs, a built-in wardrobe and various accessories. Whoever uses these spaces can enjoy all the facilities of the large organisation, such as: welcome desk at the entrance, large fully-equipped classrooms, small meeting rooms, other communal areas.

Accessible by car and public transport, with nearby public and private parking, bars, restaurants, banks, a pharmacy, supermarkets, gyms and a mall.

Opening hours are from 08:30 to 23:00.

You can also use the Cowo CNA spaces just when you need to, thanks to the workstations' pay-per-use option. 


44.7919287, 10.3092724