Provincia di Forlì Cesena

UNIBO Launch Pad

The Launch Pad project provides cognitive, technical and emotional tools to help groups of PhD students and researchers from all departments of the University of Bologna transform their intellectual capital into actual enterprises.


dpixel is an innovation company focused on digital technologies. Its mission is to analyse technological trends, innovative ideas and new technologies in order to identify entrepreneurial talents who can bring new solutions to the market.


AREA S3 spaces were created to bring young graduates closer to the labour market and to strengthen the regional production system in the thriving and emerging sectors identified in the Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3).

Le Serre di ASTER


ASTER Greenhouses (Le Serre di ASTER) is the right place to develop an innovative business idea.


Climate-KIC is a community that was created to spread knowledge and promote innovation surrounding the climate change challenge, and to foster the development and creation of a low-carbon society.

San Marino Innovation

TECHNO SCIENCE PARK proposes a new model of regional development that uses INNOVATION as a motor for the growth of competitiveness.

INLab srl

INLab srl is a certified incubator created by the Piacenza Cooperative Inacqua, which together with experienced managers and professionals, has decided to offer entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs a place to create and bring together development and employment projects.

CNA Emilia Romagna

CNA Emilia Romagna represents the region's small to medium enterprises and the self-employed. It offers its associates representation, information, support and services, communicating directly on their behalf with all of the various social, economic and political institutions in the region.