General partnership

Santafranca60 (PC)

Santafranca60 is a graphic media studio offering a new QR code design service characterised by the spirit of innovation and the ever-present search for the detail that makes the difference. Customising the QR code that points to your website or Facebook or YouTube page can give you an enormous advantage in terms of strengthening your brand. An eye-catching QR code becomes representative of the image of the company or service.

Crank-Up (BO)

Established as a general partnership in January 2012, Crank-Up celebrates sports, sports-related activities and the promotion of shared moments through the use of web and digital applications.

The company uses and offers a search service for people who might ordinarily be strangers to sporting activity, who can then get together and play, as well as sharing all relevant event and user information from various disciplines. The service uses an easy-to-use geolocation system with a simple filter system.