ICT, Creative Industry and Design

Hyperting s.r.l. (BO)

Hyperting's mission is to develop softwares that are ready for the global market, working with consistency, skills and dedication in order to reach the highest standards and support companies in fulfilling their potential.

Our team is made up of carefully selected members who each day contribute with their effort, attention and creativity to the assigned projects.

Vibre (FC)

VIBRE is a startup that was founded in Cesena and operates in the sector of brain-computer interfaces.

The startup, founded by a team of bio-engineers, software engineers and clinicians, aims to make brain-computer interfaces available for mass consumption, giving companies in the sector the opportunity of developing products and applications that are fully or partly controlled by the brain.

40Factory (PC)

40Factory is a technological startup operating in the fields of Industry 4.0 and digitization of industrial machinery, systems and devices.

Our core business is to foster the process of digital transformation of small and medium OEM companies (Original Equipment Manufacturer), working with them on the development and adoption of hardware and software solutions aimed at optimizing the operation efficiency of equipment and facilitating new business opportunities, through the servitization process.

JOS Technology (PC)

JOS Technology is an innovative startup founded in 2013 by the architect Marco Ariani, with the industrial partner LIGRA Srl joining at the end of 2015.

JOS is an internationally patented technology, the first Smart Energy Surface where every connection point is a high power socket on which to hook and power tens of different devices directly on the surface, saving great amounts of energy, space and money.

Mentha (RE)

ForTune, a project by the Mentha company, is a platform for three-minute, high-quality, uninterrupted podcasts. 

Users choose the topics of their interest and ForTune gives them a unique, constantly changing, incisive audio stream interspersed with their favourite music. 

We strongly believe that podcasting in Italy is "the next big thing". And we want to be there. Trends are growing in every country: US has 65 million users, up 7% in the last 2 years, and in Europe funding rounds in this sector are very high (20 million euros collected in 2018).