Social Innovation

Caucaso (BO)

Caucaso’s cultural project was born out of a unique convergence between scientific tension and artistic production, focused on cinema and documentary.

Created as an informal collective in the early 2000s, Caucaso evolved into an international production company based in Bologna, Italy. During the following years, the Caucaso society established a network of co-productions within both the Italian and international production landscapes.

Cloudtec s.r.l. (MO)

Cloudtec mission is to support its Clients in their Digital Transformation journey, offering integrated solutions and services with the aim to make simple and safe the adoption of the latest cloud-driven innovations.

Cloudtec assists customers in modeling their organization and processes to be able to take the best advantage from the use of the Cloud technologies with particular regard to data security, systems management and orchestration aspects.


SEED is an ethical streetwear clothing business

Our mission is to contribute to healing the world by offering stilish and high quality products to responsible people...who also have great taste. Our style is functional and minimalist, designed for those who live in the city and have an intense everyday pace, for those who strive to reach their potential overcoming their limits and aware of their strengths. It's for dynamic people who know the present and look at the future with hope and trust.

Genius4U (BO)

Genius4U is a platform dedicated to company welfare that offers businesses and employees a wide range of services, directly within the workplace, to help manage every-day life errands, such as laundry, tailoring, car maintanance, groceries, day-care etc.

This way, we help people save time increasing quality of life, and companies strengthen their relationship with employees, be more productive and more attractive to new talents.

Vibre (FC)

VIBRE is a startup that was founded in Cesena and operates in the sector of brain-computer interfaces.

The startup, founded by a team of bio-engineers, software engineers and clinicians, aims to make brain-computer interfaces available for mass consumption, giving companies in the sector the opportunity of developing products and applications that are fully or partly controlled by the brain.

AffittoGiardino (BO)

AffittoGiardino is an innovative idea that makes it possible to bring together people with different needs and financial means in order to match objectives and interests.


AffittoGiardino is an online platform ( in where hosts rent our their garden - specifying the location, price per person, additional services and posting a photo of their green space.

Guests can find an affordable alternative for their parties, choosing a favourite solution within their budget.

Fitadvisor (PC)

Fitadvisor è una startup innovativa che opera nel settore dello sport. Nasce con l'intento di essere un punto riferimento per aiutare gli sportivi a scegliere lo sport e a trovare la struttura adatta in cui praticarlo e aiutare i gestori di strutture sportive e/o associazioni sportive a promuovere le loro attività sportive.

SEETOBE S.r.l. - Click to Beach (RA)


Click To Beach is a free and innovative online beach umbrella booking platform, which, in addition to offering a regular beach umbrella booking service, allows beach establishments to resell beach umbrellas that are already rented for the season but temporarily not occupied.

The seasonal renter can, with a simple click, make his umbrella available on days (or half-days) when he is not using it.  If the beach umbrella is resold, he will in return receive a voucher to spend at the beach establishment.