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SOS minimi is a project curated by FGM Investments s.r.l.s., founded in February 2014 by four partners: two accountant/auditors, an entrepreneur in the field of electronic commerce and a computer engineer. 

The company's mission is to support neo-professionals and entrepreneurs with new activities (VAT registration, Chamber of Commerce registration, Social Security, etc.), as well as with the daily management of tax compliance and the processing of tax returns - all of this using an online portal and a smartphone application. 

Services offered relate to: 

  • New activity: user assistance in all matters related to the launch of a new business or profession. Simply filling in a registration form and uploading a form of ID allows for a VAT number request with the Inland Revenue, company registration at the Chamber of Commerce within the appropriate province, registration with social security institutions and whatever else is required to launch the business venture. 
  • Secure storage of accounts: every user has a virtual archive, also available in portable format, into which tax records may be uploaded through the smartphone app (or via the portal). 
  • Tax advice online: all uploaded documents will be examined by the team of accountants, and users will be sent feedback regarding their tax value. 
  • Tax returns: at the end of the tax year, on the basis of all uploaded documents, SOS minimi will prepare and send off its users' tax returns, making the relevant tax payment models available to members.

SOS minimi can revolutionise the relationship between client and accountant, changing the relationship between taxpayer and tax authority in the process. Users can rely on first-rate consultation and are able to upload their own receipts at any time, from anywhere.




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