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Established in late 2013, MSX Technology produces innovative ventilation louvres for the unit heater, heat exchanger and cooling tower markets.

The target sectors are energy production and the treatment of petrochemical waste, as well as heat generation in general, both industrial and civil. This market is growing rapidly, especially in countries experiencing population growth.

MSX Technology has developed a new and innovative ventilation louvre with components that are fully optimised both in terms of weight and production efficiency.

The innovation lies in advanced production technologies that optimise and reduce production cost and time, as well as technical solutions and highly inventive engineering.

Finally, unlike its competitors to date, MSX Technology is carrying out advanced Life Cycle Assessment analyses and studies, in order to carefully assess how the new unit heater system interacts with the environment, focusing especially on pre-production and production. The sustainability of the product brings added value to the new louvres.



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