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Established as a limited company in June 2010, Techno GF is engaged in the study, development and application of energy-saving software. Working on the premise that solar radiation behaves in a similar manner to the propagation of radio waves, this startup uses a sophisticated ray tracing program for the prediction of radio coverage in an urban environment, developing it to calculate solar intensity (in collaboration with the Department of Electronics, Computer Science and Systems at the University of Bologna).


The Techno GF model, unlike already existing software, is able to consider higher order effects (multiple reflections, diffusion, thermal emission, etc.) and is therefore more accurate and flexible. Its applications include:

  • design and analysis of solar energy management systems in individual buildings: optimal integration of solar panels, design of sunscreen barriers and automated solar energy management systems;
  • assessment and prediction of natural lighting available in the various rooms of a building; analysis of overall energy efficiency of an urban area, either for a new design or evaluation of the existing one.

Techno GF's range of services is aimed at contractors (architects, engineers, heating engineers) charged with designing a building, a building complex or an entire urban area. Techno GF was also one of the winners of the Bologna Chamber of Commerce Research and Innovation Prize.




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