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Wenda s.r.l. ​​creates innovative solutions for the wine and spirits market in order to protect and enhance the product, and to further improve processes in the supply chain.

The original vision of Wenda arose from a desire expressed by various representatives of the Italian wine market, which was to monitor and protect the journey of high-value wines from vineyard to tasting.

Often when the consumer drinks a wine, it has changed considerably since it was produced. The consumer doesn't have the tools to understand the reason, despite the efforts of producers and the entire supply chain; it may have been caused by poor storage, counterfeiting or a lack of information about that bottle.

Wenda s.r.l. has several solutions in its portfolio, but the most important innovation is an ICT solution for the world of luxury wines: Wenda Unique. This is a patent pending device that attaches to the bottle and records the temperature, angle and UV rays to which the bottle is subjected, all of the fundamental parameters for the proper storage of a wine. An upper portion of the device covers the cap and prevents refilling (a phenomenon that is growing in Asian countries), and finally, if the device is removed, the system detects it by reporting the event, therefore serving as an anti-counterfeiting measure. Via NFC technology, the app processes this data and displays it to whoever scans the device. It appears as a graphic alongside other marketing content that's already been directly loaded into the device, telling the full story of the bottle's journey through the supply chain.

The global sense of the project can be seen in the huge variety of people involved in its development: older expert technicians; experienced and ultra-modern computer scientists; young capable people still at university but with an eye on their future careers; their attentive and enlightened teachers and their far-sighted university faculties; young people from other startups with brilliant multimedia communication ideas; agribusiness marketing companies; architects; design companies; electronic apparatus manufacturers; and patent experts. Ultimately, anyone who has good ideas, complementary skills, a decent work ethic and a healthy group spirit.

Wenda is for wine an important and exclusive expression of the Made in Italy brand.

The two co-founders joined two young graduates from the Agricultural School of the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, who proposed to bring together the worlds of wine and innovative communication in a piece of designed electronics, the creation of "smart pills". The group went from strength to strength and very quickly this new entrepreneurial initiative was underway.

Wenda represents a bringing together of various applications of the Internet of Things, and for every single bottle of wine Wenda is a system of:

  • recording the technical parameters that influence the state of conservation
  • brand protection by opposing the phenomena of counterfeiting and refilling (emptying and/or refilling bottles with wines of dubious origin)
  • identification and traceability
  • innovative communication via "pills of marketing and technological communication" 

Wenda s.r.l. is patent pending with an international PCT patent. It's based in Castel Maggiore (Bologna) Italy. In addition to the founders' contribution of capital, they have been joined by an industrial partner who has become of the first investors. 




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