Ufoody (MO)

Ufoody collaborates with the food industry's most prestigious companies to select the best food and to provide a wealth of taste and quality for all those who love great eating and the lifestyle that accompanies it.

Cosaordino.it (BO)

Cosaordino is a digital interface between users and participating restaurants that offers online users the ability to order lunch and dinner at home.

Starting with the delivery address, the site allows users to choose what to order from local restaurants, with the option of changing their order by adding or removing ingredients, as well as being able to choose any options such cooking preferences or choice of complimentary drinks. 

Midnight Call (RE)

The main product of Midnight Call is the www.fazland.com web portal, developed during its first year, following market research and optimisation.

The site allows private clients to request quotes for services by filling out a simple form that is targeted at professionals, who compete with one another for new jobs. A geolocation system helps to bring together supply and demand by geography. Once connected geographically, supply and demand then come together through a simple and innovative idea: the FazRoom.

PashionVictim (RE)

PashionVictim is a C2C social commerce platform, part of a limited company established in January 2012. Funded by crowdsourcing, the platform allows users from around the world to inspire one another, and share and sell items selected from affiliated fashion boutiques, earning money from sales.

PashionVictim intends to seize upon the extraordinary growth of fashion-related social networks to make up for the lack of electronic commerce indulged in by independent shops (only 5% according to a survey of over 400 Reggio Emilia startups).