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Oltrecafé produces the first Italian combustible coffee pellet, creating in the process the first closed loop business: this second life for coffee creates an innovative and 100% recycled product for green customers who are excited by renewable energy. Oltrecafé is a sustainable closed cycle business, creating jobs and improving the environment by offering solutions to companies looking to eliminate their environmental impact.

Oltrecafé was created as a response to the growing demand for energy, providing a 100% renewable product that contributes to reducing both environmental impact and money spent on heating, promoting the economic and social development of our communities (less waste, more work). It is a tailor-made approach to waste recycling that enables the development of ad hoc recycling solutions and the production of new high added-value components.

Oltrecafé wants to provide a convenient coffee grounds collection service for successive recycling. The coffee grounds are recycled into pellets and successive sustainable materials as the research continues.

In Italy, around 360,000 tons of coffee grounds are dumped into landfills every year, requiring management costs of at least €21m and emitting 131,400 tons of CO2. 

If differentiated into organic waste, it could then become compost given away free of charge, sometimes sold or more easily used to layer over the collected rubbish in landfills. 

Oltrecafè hopes to begin a process of collaboration with vendors, caterers and horeca partners to help them reduce their environmental impact at no extra cost and to communicate our work and the results we've so far obtained. We think that the future lies in translating our commitment to less waste and fewer emissions into concrete actions and concrete contributions to environmental education projects and protection of the land. We believe that a collaborative platform such as this is the perfect way to bring together business and the environment.

For every pack of pellets sold, Oltrecafé will donate a percentage of the price to other environmental and social protection projects on the platform. The platform will also encourage an interaction between companies and citizens, who can vote for the most interesting projects and help to finance their execution.




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