CShark s.r.l. (PC)

CShark S.r.l. was founded in 2018 by Alessandro Fanni in order to create IT solutions at all levels.

CShark consists in a team of experts in the field of Information Technology, always available to customers to offer a wide range of services and products in order to handle different issues. We are able to create IT solutions thanks to our internal resources and national and international partnerships.

Hyperting s.r.l. (BO)

Hyperting's mission is to develop softwares that are ready for the global market, working with consistency, skills and dedication in order to reach the highest standards and support companies in fulfilling their potential.

Our team is made up of carefully selected members who each day contribute with their effort, attention and creativity to the assigned projects. Project (BO)

Builti Srl was created in 2018 with the development of the “RE.SIS.TO. Project” in collaboration with the University of Bologna.

The company operates in the field of the development, application, and management of systems of structural diagnostics, monitoring and implementation of advanced rapid analysis models, in support of civil engineering (strategic and relevant buildings, infrastructure, domestic and industrial construction) and of restoration (buildings and historical structures).

DNAPhone (PR)

DNAPhone creates optoelectronic devices for portable diagnostics that are capable of quick, simple analysis, integrating with widely used devices such as tablets or smartphones.

Archon Dronistics (MO)

Archon Dronistics is an innovative startup founded in Modena that presents itself as a company that can automate repetitive tasks, sometimes dangerous for humas, such as for examples video surveillance, ispections and monitoring critical infrastructures.

Archon works with AI systems to control safety in industrial environments, monitoring movements and risk for people and machinery, creating a trustworthy digital twin in real time. The objective is to create a robotic environment and eliminate risks for humans.