Indispensa (BO)

INDISPENSA is the platform that enables HoReCa sector clients to order Italy’s best regional gastronomic products directly from the producer, with no additional steps or costs.

Sluurpy (BO)

The very best of Food&Beverage: this is what Sluurpy is. 

Since 2018, our goal has been to drastically reduce the distances between consumers, restaurants and brands. 

To date, we  put 1.5 million registered users in contact with brands, producers and restaurants: from gastronomic stars to takeaways, from local producers to large chains throughout Italy. 

Sluurpy guarantees maximum visibility at no cost, with a dedicated showcase that includes information, reviews by the best ranking websites, and the ability to book, buy and order online. 

BEEing (RA)

BEEing is a startup born of Roberto and Gabriele's passion for apiculture. Representing a fundamental element of Nature, bees not only produce honey (a delicious and healthy sweetener) but more importantly, they pollinate flowers and allow fruit to grow.

Ufoody (MO)

Ufoody collaborates with the food industry's most prestigious companies to select the best food and to provide a wealth of taste and quality for all those who love great eating and the lifestyle that accompanies it.

Wellmicro (BO)

Wellmicro s.r.l. is the fruit of years of academic scientific activity in the field of intestinal microbial ecology and was created by researchers with profound knowledge of scientific literature in the field and years of collaboration with the best labs in Europe.