IUV s.r.l.

Application Sector
Smart Specialisation Strategy

IUV is a Startup aimed at Research and Development of Plastic-free Packaging Solutions and Edible Coatings for Fresh Food Products through "Naturameri."

The solutions offered by IUV are designed:

  • to reduce the environmental impact from greenhouse gas emissions.
  • to reduce single-use plastic consumption, food losses and waste
  • to promote the well-being and growth of future generations.

With the goal of making consumers an active part of Change.


Plant-based, renewably sourced sheets. Thanks to "Naturameri," natural chemically unmodified molecules, IUV sheets are the eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastics. They degrade in the soil naturally when exposed to light, air and moisture after 30 days. They dissolve in water without damaging it. Perfect in mailing, gift or case boxes to decorate, protect, wrap products from scratches, dust, bumps. By choosing IUV sheets, buyers have the advantage to convey concrete and real sustainability on product-level brand awareness, as well as enhance premium status in the shopping and unboxing experience.

examples: candles, soaps, cosmetics, fashion, socks, shoes, devices, bottles, confectionery, designer goods, luxury.

Flower Labels

Plant-based, plant-based labels from renewable natural sources, enriched with flower seeds. Ideal for improving the premium status of packaging or labeling products in the shopping and unboxing experience. Companies choosing IUV's plantable flower labels aim to communicate their values and commitment to environmental sustainability issues in a tangible way, with the goal of engaging the consumer as an active part of change through the realness of their actions: growing flowers while helping to save bees from extinction.


Scelli is a liquid protective solution based on 100% natural plant ingredients that can be applied by dipping or spreading, on cheeses, fruits and vegetables. Scelli helps to:

  • extend the shelf life of foods
  • delay the aging of foods
  • inhibit the growth of spoilage microorganisms
  • control the weight loss of foods
  • improve the appearance of foods

examples: avocados, bananas, zucchini, strawberries, mozzarella cheese.

From farm to fork, Scelli can naturally protect and extend the shelf life of food by helping supply chain operators reduce losses and waste.
Ideal for producers, distributors and horeca.