Cineteca di Bologna - Progetto sperimentale Start-Up dell'Audiovisivo

The Audiovisivo experimental Start-Up project supports the creation of new businesses within the audiovisual sector. Created by Cineteca in Bologna with operational support from ASTER, the project also enjoys contributions from APQ GECO, the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Minister for Youth and INCREDIBOL.

Start-up is divided into two phases:

Phase 1 (free access):

classroom training on the key themes related to company creation and development, and preparation for the consultancy services provided in the following phase:

  • development of the business project
  • corporate and organisational aspects
  • contracts and intellectual property
  • fund raising tools

Access to training days is free, regardless of tender applications. Participation is compulsory for anyone wishing to access to the personal counselling services in Phase 2.

Phase 2 (access depending on selection):

specialist consultancy for specifically selected groups on how to carry out feasibility studies on advanced business proposals. The service will be divided into:

  • 3 strategic project development consultations
  • 3 days of specialist consultancy on business start-up topics
  • 1 "group consultancy" on topics defined by the beneficiary groups in agreement with Cineteca and Aster

There are 9 available places, including 3 selected by Incredibol, promoted by the City of Bologna.

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Audiovisivo Start-Up is part of "Creating and Promoting a Multimedia District in Emilia-Romagna", which rose out of the Evolved and Aware Young People Framework Program (2007-2009) that was signed in December 2007 between the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Minister of Youth.

Within the Multimedia District, Cineteca has launched the "Centre for Audiovisual Development in Emilia-Romagna", which as well as encouraging funding for regional films, also boasts the skills and resources necessary to provide relevant information, training, promotion and consulting services.

In particular, the Centre is committed to promoting the development and production of regional film projects, supporting startups and developing entrepreneurial activities within the sector. In this way it also reinforces its network of relationships and strengthens the collective identity. The Centre also has a technical and productive role as a trainer in the audiovisual field, offering invaluable information services to everyone within the sector.

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