STARTUPiacenza is the information, reception, orientation, animation and territorial promotion help desk that nurtures startups and the newly self-employed, with a focus on innovative and creative activities in Piacenza. STARTUPiacenza allows users to make contact with a wide range of professionals, thanks to the many organisations are involved with the project: Piacenza City Council, the Province of Piacenza, the Emilia Romagna Region, the Chamber of Commerce, Aster and Piacenza Expo.

The help desk functions from within the Urban Hub, a space devoted to innovators and future entrepreneurs. Within the Hub, users gain access to a network of professionals who can provide a preliminary assessment of their business ideas, including information concerning development opportunities. By connecting and collaborating with one another, they're also able to create a powerful regional support network for their startups.

The Genesi Help Desk from the Chamber of Commerce is also part of the network. Amongst its services, Genesi provides a business risk assessment and offers information on legal status, administrative processes and procedures, and funding opportunities.

First contact is with the help desk, whose job it is to present the service and illustrate all of the ways in which it will be able to help. They will also describe the opportunities afforded by the region and existing subsidies for evaluation not only of you and your business idea, including a formal feasibility study, but also of the most appropriate support path for you to follow.

Below is a summary of help desk activities.

  • Information, welcome, orientation:
  • Welcome, information and guidance on the regional opportunities offered in the field of business creation and self-employment, in particular for innovative and creative activities
  • Guidance concerning the feasibility of entrepreneurial ideas
  • Description of the bureaucratic and administrative procedures tied to a startup launch
  • Guidance via individual interviews regarding the best path to take with the business, taking into account personal and professional skills

Business Startup Path:

  • Individual interviews with users and assistance with drafting the business project
  • Information and guidance on the creation of the business plan
  • Information on funding opportunities
  • Information and guidance on presenting the project

Urban Hub works in collaboration with the AREA S3 of ​​ASTER (located in the Piacenza Technopole), supporting regional activities surrounding entrepreneurship, research and technology transfer.