Funding opportunity: grants


G-Factor is a reactive environment whose aim is to support new entrepreneurs and researchers with high entrepreneurial potential to beco


STARTUPiacenza is the information, reception, orientation, animation and territorial promotion help desk that nurtures startups and the newly self-employed, with a focus on innovative and creative activities in Piacenza.

Upidea! Startup program

Upidea! is a startup program that selects entrepreneurial ideas and startups and supports their development through an acceleration path, using know-how, networking and business skills.


The APRE Emilia-Romagna Help Desk is aimed at public or private regional bodies — enterprises, research organisations, individual researchers — interested in participating in European research and innovation programs.

CNA Parma

CNA The National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is a free association of businesses and entrepreneurs that are politically, culturally and economically independent.

Contamination Lab

The Contamination Lab is a physical site and a digital platform that promotes the bringing together and training of participants. It is an informal open space where participants can interact, find collaborators and work together in spaces that can be adapted to suit participants' needs.


Cesenalab is an incubator and business accelerator in the digital, web and new media sectors. It offers a range of free, high quality services: offices, business angel consulting, links with researchers, investment funds contacts, training, legal and commercial assistance.

Legacoop Emilia Romagna

Legacoop promuove la nascita e lo sviluppo di nuove cooperative mettendo a disposizione servizi specializzati, una rete territoriale di sportelli di promozione cooperativa e sostegno allo startup, il sito dedicato, che propone un percorso di approfondimento sulla cooperazione e tutte le informazioni utili alla creazione di nuove cooperative.