Tourism and Cultural Heritage

Hyperting s.r.l. (BO)

Hyperting's mission is to develop softwares that are ready for the global market, working with consistency, skills and dedication in order to reach the highest standards and support companies in fulfilling their potential.

Our team is made up of carefully selected members who each day contribute with their effort, attention and creativity to the assigned projects.

AffittoGiardino (BO)

AffittoGiardino is an innovative idea that makes it possible to bring together people with different needs and financial means in order to match objectives and interests.


AffittoGiardino is an online platform ( in where hosts rent our their garden - specifying the location, price per person, additional services and posting a photo of their green space.

Guests can find an affordable alternative for their parties, choosing a favourite solution within their budget.

SEETOBE S.r.l. - Click to Beach (RA)


Click To Beach is a free and innovative online beach umbrella booking platform, which, in addition to offering a regular beach umbrella booking service, allows beach establishments to resell beach umbrellas that are already rented for the season but temporarily not occupied.

The seasonal renter can, with a simple click, make his umbrella available on days (or half-days) when he is not using it.  If the beach umbrella is resold, he will in return receive a voucher to spend at the beach establishment.

AllYouCanWork (BO)

AllYouCanwork is a web platform for remote digital services where private individuals, retailers, entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises can outsource any digital service (websites, e-commerce, graphics, social network management, translations, etc.) to external experts, mainly students, saving time and money.

White Wall (BO)

Beecoms is a business project created by a group of young graduates active in the service sector with deep ties with their region of origin. As consumers, they have experienced the "decline" of their local area in terms of opportunities for leisure, shopping, relationships, cultural activities and much else.City centres are  emptying and shopping is gradually and inexorably shifting towards large online platforms.

Utopic (BO)

Utopic srl is an innovative startup based in Bologna, registered in the special section of the register of companies. Through the creation of the app of the same name, Utopic aims to promote the Italian artistic heritage, making it easier to discover and explore it. L’app Utopic è un social network tematico, che permette di sapere sempre cosa c’è di interessante vicino a dove ci si trova, senza bisogno di effettuare ricerche. Storie, aneddoti e curiosità permettono di vedere con occhi sempre nuovi anche i luoghi che frequentiamo quotidianamente, risvegliando l’interesse ed il senso di appartenenza degli abitanti e attirando e incuriosendo i turisti.