Mosaic Project

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Launched in 2008 but established as a business in April 2011, Mosaic Project is a permanent workshop on the technology of mosaic-making.

Products and services offered

As well as the name of the company, Mosaic Project is the name its leading product: a suite of programs designed to support the whole process of creating mosaics, from the design phase to production, from the industrial to the individual artisan. The main field of application is ceramics, but the solution also extends to the construction industry. The product is licensed rather than sold.

Its key feature is the ability to design and simulate high quality mosaics prior to managing the production. Equally important is the software's compatibility with other types of software (CAD, 3D, ERP), its ease of use, expandability and ease of integration with other software or with automated machines.

Mosaic Project comes in four different versions, tailored to the specific user: manufacturer (industrial mosaic companies and large businesses), micro-producer (micro-enterprises and small-medium businesses), non-manufacturer (tertiary enterprises, retailers, designers), and school (workshops, art institutes, academia). One line of the suite, already tested and stabilised, has been on the market for some time, and a second line using the latest technology is currently at the commercial prototype stage.

Apart from consultancy, installation and start-up, the service also includes software training and technical assistance, as well as a photograph of the materials, in collaboration with specialised still life studios.

Other information

The mosaic market, traditionally niche and from a very complex cultural tradition, is to this day without industry standard software. Mosaic Project believes that the uniqueness of its product make it perfectly placed to change that. Mosaic Project is also in logistic and commercial collaboration with System s.r.l.



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