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Werealize.it is a crowdfunding platform that offers designers and digital craftsmen the opportunity to target their innovative product ideas to an interested community, from whom they request financial support for an initial production (micro-series). In return, the lenders will receive a preview of a limited set of products that they have helped to create, often with a touch of personalisation.

There are three innovative elements to the project:

1. It uses crowdfunding to create a micro-production of innovative design and tech products that have never previously existed on the market. Werealize.it allows entrepreneurial micro-businesses to finance themselves without resorting to bank loans, relying solely on the ability to promote their own ideas on the network;

2. It uses crowdsourcing to create online collaborations between designers and technicians from different sectors, in order to create new projects and, eventually, new businesses.

3. It offers the opportunity to established companies to use crowdsourcing to search the network for skills that are not present within their own company (e.g. industrial designers) and to try out project ideas on the market (crowdfunding, more so than market research, makes it possible to quickly verify product viability within a community of potential customers). 




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