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Founded by a University of Ferrara research group, Amon-X has evolved entrepreneurially, with strong research and development experience in the field of automatic monitoring. The company name is an acronym of Automatic Monitoring, while the X expresses its multi-sectoral connotation. As regards academic training, the team (members and partners) is composed of physicists, geologists and electronics engineers.

The core business of Amon-X is the production and marketing of LAMS (the Landslides Automatic Monitoring System), a highly innovative, high quality and low cost solution based primarily around the technology of MEMS accelerometers (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems): sensors that have found widespread application in air-bag security devices, as well as in mobile phones and laptops.

Products and services

The LAMS system was developed by Professor Francesco Pedrielli and involves the use of these sensors - which integrate mechanics and electronics in a single chip, creating an optimal combination of performance and price - in place of the traditional inclinometers used in landslide monitoring and in fixed monitoring systems.

LAMS operates in total control, even remotely, and uses both commercially available components and in-house tools and software. The Amon-X service is divided into:

  • products: a Web Service platform for data processing, a surface module, sensors;
  • and services: consulting, installation and testing, technical assistance, monitoring activities.

More information

Natural partners for Amon-X are the various sectors of public administration (Regions, Mountain Communities, Basin Authority, Civil Defence) and scientific centres concerned with the monitoring of both land and the environment.

Amon-X has established partnerships with public administrations, major research institutions and technology companies, including universities, CNR institutes, laboratories, private companies and multinational corporations.

Collaborations and experimentation are underway with the Provinces of Modena and Emilia-Romagna. Great interest has also been shown, also in financial terms, by public and private companies offering design and services in the field of Geology at a national level.



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