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Starting out in academic laboratories, due2lab s.r.l. brings its top-level research expertise in Physics, Electronics and Materials Science to the manufacture of innovative devices, particularly in the field of ionising radiation detection.

To date, due2lab is the only Italian company and one of a few in the entire world capable of producing and processing semiconductor crystals of CZT (Cadmium Zinc Telluride), creating with them unique detectors with spectroscopic capabilities.

due2lab is focused on the design and creation of CZT-based detectors and the appropriate electronic readers. Thanks to strategic partnerships with leading research institutes and universities, due2lab has the necessary facilities to produce, process and characterise these devices. They have ovens for the growth of semiconductors, cutting machines, crystal lapping and polishing machines, as well as photolithography and instrumentation systems for the deposition of electrodes on the surface of semiconductors, even in the presence of the requisite complex geometries and high spatial resolutions. The company also offers advanced tools for the characterisation of final devices. The voltage-current characteristics are measured using a very low-noise, high-sensitivity, shielded probe-station. Finally, the spectroscopic response of the detector can be evaluated by acquiring the signal from the devise, irradiated by low-activity nuclear radioisotopes, through state-of-the-art acquisition systems.

The recent acquisition of rapid prototyping systems, such as 3D printers and micro-CNCs, allows due2lab to deliver a finished product to customers quickly, while maintaining a reasonable cost.




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