Advanced Materials

3D4MEC s.r.l. (BO)

The first 3D printer for steel.

3D4MEC specialises in developing and making 3D printers for steel. Entire parts of the equipment are made especially to manage and process steel dusts.

3D4STEEL is the first specialistic 3D printing system for non-reactive steel dusts, completely customised for the production requirements of each client, to guarantee the greatest practicality and ease for industrial production and at the same time it ensures complete safety of workers.

Prometheus (MO)

Prometheus is an innovative startup, born in 2017, that focuses on biotechnologies and medical devices for regenerative medicine.

Its first product is Ematik, a customised patch to cure skin wounds, created starting from the patient's blood. The identified solution cuts in half the healing times, without side effects and scars.

The patch can be produced with Ematik Ready, a manual kit or Ematik Lab, a completely automatic system that standardises the process.


Hooro, through its proprietary device and integrated system, collects data on consumer behaviour in the physical stores and before their check-out. 

A IoT system sends the purchase data to the server, which uses an automatic learning algorithm to build customer journey models and predict customer buying behaviours. 

Unlike other solutions on the market (Computer Vision, RFiD tags, NFC), Hooro IoT device has no impact on product packaging, and a very minimal impact on the store structure, and it generates data for both retailers and consumers. 

Cad Technologies (PC)

CAD Technologies operates in the field of  metal processing, dealing with the production and distribution of tools and equipments for press brakes and punching machines.

The company is able to supply punches and dies for bending presses made of  hardened steel. The range  of products includes tools such as: