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Materiko is a unique and innovative material borne of an internationally patented technology. It offers an extraordinary combination of sensuality, functionality and aesthetics, combined with a sound ethical and social approach to the environment. Materiko can accurately reproduce any natural or invented material with sub-millimetre precision. It is elastic and waterproof, of variable thickness and texture, scratch-resistant, UV-resistant and soft to the touch. Can create pieces up to a maximum of 3 x 1.5 metres, up to a depth up to 80 cm (or hollow).

Materiko also represents a laboratory of ideas formed by a network of architects, designers and companies with the aim of experimenting and inventing new and totally unique products.


  • Winner of the Special Unicredit Prize - Company of the Future Award 2013, Gaetano Marzotto Prize
  • Innovation Forum, Federlegno Arredo: one of the top ten innovations of 2014
  • The Rosselli Foundation: selected and invited to participate in the international exhibition in conjunction with the Made in Italy brand
  • Audi Innovative Thinking award for Italian innovators¬†



Andrea Saverio
Founder e CEO

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Via Santo Stefano

44.4925575, 11.3479729