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Urbistat takes its roots from 20 years of experience in GeoMarketing field, territory analyses & marketing research. It was established in 2012. The drive was the creation of an innovative concept of a software called uGeo®, that allows to carry out benchmarkable geomarketing analysis and other feasibility studies. 

Having a long and significant knowledge and high expertise in statistical and economic fields, Urbistat team wanted to fill the gaps that many software of this kind have in order to help the retail business in the development and expansion decisions.
With the company know-how and passion, the team created a GeoMarketing platform that incorporates advanced & sophisticated technology. Urbistat also made complex processes easy to use for its clients.

the company mission is to provide GeoMarketing services to support companies in order to improve and achieve the most competitive position on the market as well as to strengthen their efficiency in evaluations of the performances and controlling systems.

The innovativeness of such tools are:

  • Online software (no installation and possibility 'of use from any mobile device - smartphone, tablet, PC)
  • Updates in real time
  • Friendly interface and accessible data
  • Mathematical algorithms sophisticated and at the same time easy to understand
  • Optimization of mathematical processes for performance evaluation
  • Internal processes that allow different levels of distribution of economic and demographic data 

Products / Services / Solutions offered

  • evaluation of the number of potential users per specific areas;
  • evaluation of the average of income, consumption level per capita in a given area;
  • level of overlap between two or more shops
  • number of households potentially attracted by a new competitor
  • viewing of plans for new Malls and future projects
  • population distribution by city
  • network and competitors evaluation
  • a company market share in a given location
  • potential annual visits for a new shopping center
  • estimation of losses caused by a new competitor
  • estimation of an Hypermarket revenue
  • effects provoked by new viability structures a certain area





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