Caffeina (PR)

Established in October 2010, Caffeina provides a response to all your social media needs, concerning presence, control, management, monitoring, analysis and exploitation of social networks, with a focus on Facebook.

Its approach involves the development of scalable products, updated according to the evolution of Facebook and programmed at predefined intervals, with incremental releases tuned to the changes of the market.

The Caffeina range currently includes:

HK - Horticultural Knowledge (BO)

Accredited by the University of Bologna and established as a limited company in 2011, HK - Horticultural Knowledge represents the coming together of a team of agronomy researchers and consultants with many years of freelance experience. It is active in the following areas: the cultivation of fruit trees, especially pome but also kiwi and grapes; activities related to and in support of the collection and production of fruit.

The new enterprise's mission is threefold: