OaCP Srl (Oncology and Cytogenetic Products) is a company that operates in the field of Advanced Diagnostics and Research in various fields: biomedical, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, public health  for next-generation diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. 


SIMPLER is a consortium that counts Aster as a member and operates within the Enterprise Europe Network, providing services for innovation and the internationalisation of SMEs.

Ophera (MO)

OPHERA is an Italian company founded by a group of researchers with international experience in R&D within the Life Science field.

The company is specialised in R&D of products and innovative projects that have a base of botanicals and non conventional natural extracts for solutions that are destined to the biomedical, nutritional and cosmetic markets.

OPHERA can create and develop high quality cosmetic products that are unique due to the precious, original and most of all effective raw materials.


LugoNextLab is a development agency and an economic innovation centre, as well as an enterprise incubator. It provides consulting, training, innovation services, networking and assistance in searching for partners.