OaCP Srl (Oncology and Cytogenetic Products) is a company that operates in the field of Advanced Diagnostics and Research in various fields: biomedical, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, public health  for next-generation diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. 


SIMPLER is a consortium that counts Aster as a member and operates within the Enterprise Europe Network, providing services for innovation and the internationalisation of SMEs.

Ophera (MO)

Ophera is an Italian company founded by a group of pharmaceutical researchers with academic and international experience, with the support of experienced cosmeticians, physiotherapists, hair specialists and other health professionals. It has developed high-quality, innovative cosmetic products made with medicinal plant extracts and to pharmaceutical standards.


LugoNextLab is a development agency and an economic innovation centre, as well as an enterprise incubator. It provides consulting, training, innovation services, networking and assistance in searching for partners.