Romagna Innovazione

Rinnova, Romagna Innovazione promotes scientific research and innovation through technology transfer and applied research, designing and delivering innovative, high performance products at competitive costs.

Fareraccolta (RN)

FARERACCOLTA is a marketing project that creates a "CLEAN ECONOMY". The project aims to use a percentage of the advertising budgets that businesses invest in the communication of information and turn it into an experience that allows people to do good deeds, making savings and satisfying their own needs in the process.

The value of communication is converted into products, services and technologies that improve the lives of people and the regions in which they live.

Serengeo (BO)

SERENGEO is an innovative startup that provides consulting and design services in the field of geoengineering. Its goal is to transfer to industry the skills and knowledge gained in university research in the fields of mining engineering, environmental engineering, rock mechanics and geothermal energy. 

Renavitas (BO)

Aims to free available resources by reducing the energy consumption of buildings.

Using analysis models, Renavitas is able to evaluate the technical, economic and financial impact of an intervention on home energy efficiency, and recommend interventions for clients that quickly begin to reap benefits in terms of savings.